A website I created to track statistics on violent reactions to antidepressant medication. The site is created in Angular 8.0 with RXJS. It pulls statistics from the FDA's FAERs database using OpenFDA. The graphics are done in D3.js and Three.js.
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UI pages for a web based application that I contributed to.
I was responsible for both front and back end development using Java, JSF, Javascript and Oracle.
Each page is interactive with a JSF front end Java back end and Oracle Database.
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Angular.js app

A user interface I created as a test using Angular.js. The javascript contains a scope variable array which contains objects representing aircraft. each object is then turned into a div element using the ng-repeat directive from Angular.
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A user interface I created as a test using javascript and jquery. Each card is a div which gets created and styled dynamically then appended to the dom. advanced search

A forum for artists and other creative people to protest Donald Trump and his administration. advanced search